The flexibility of Wattwatchers proves invaluable under new South Australian regulations

Our initial round of Application Notes has now been published, including our lists of compatible inverters. These can be accessed via the Wattwatchers page on Zendesk.


Smart AaaS: Agent-as-a-Service



Flexibility is the name of the game for deployment of Wattwatchers solutions under new solar export control regulations in South Australia, an intervention in the increasing digital and distributed electricity system that is expected to spread nationally.

Wattwatchers is a technology solution suite with multiple use cases, and is among the first round of technologies embraced by South Australia’s statewide distribution network company, SA Power Networks, in its emerging role as a ‘Relevant Agent’ under the SA Department of Energy and Mining’s new Smarter Homes regulations.

Additional ‘Relevant Agents’ that use Wattwatchers as a compatible technology will be announced progressively, as and when they register with the South Australian Government.

Current capabilities for Wattwatchers include:

  • Disconnection of the AC electricity supply to any inverter
  • Demand Response Mode (DRM) control of selected inverters (11 ‘inverter families’ thus far)

Wattwatchers also is an attractive option for significant niche use cases, such as:

  • 4G/3G Cellular option for homes without broadband connections, or with WiFi signal strength instability or other poor performance
  • Suitable for installation at sites with sub-boards (where smart meters are not an option), or for larger and more complex sites with multiple inverters or grid protection requirements




Wattwatchers communicates to the cloud independently of utility billing meters and inverter systems. Thus we can work with ‘any’ inverter system (for control via AC disconnection, and with numerous models for DRM control), and also with any energy retailer. 

Our new mobile app,, is energy-company agnostic and supports its users to compare their tariffs in real-time (for participating energy retailers), and to change their retailer if they want to whenever they choose to do so. (The initial app release through Apple and Android/Google Play is pending.)