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Fast data refresh for the app puts more power in the hands of consumers

by Tim McCoy
posted on Friday, May 28th, 2021
Our mobile application has just had an upgrade to provide you with data faster!
Now, when you open the Live screen of the application, the device will start to send updates every 5 seconds to give you more updates in real time.
You’ll notice this in the small ‘Refreshing’ timer box at the bottom of the Live screen.
These 5 second updates include the total power being imported or exported to the grid as well as the usage of your property and any solar generation.
Previously this information only updated every 30 seconds, so this now means you can more immediately see these changes when you turn your appliances on and off, helping you understand your energy usage even more.
This is great for things like hunting down which appliance is using too much standby power late at night, understanding how much a new appliance is using the first time you use it, or to show a family member how much electricity is being eaten up when they leave the bathroom heat lamps on (again).
Please make sure your application is up to date with the latest version to use this feature. It’s included in version 1.3.0 or newer along with our new budgeting features (more on that soon!).
This fast-data feature requires your device to have good telco signal strength and a reliable connection to the internet, and that occasionally some real-time updates may not be received by the application*.
There also is a slight delay when you first open the app while the device goes into the fast reporting mode, so it’s a good idea to wait for one or two updates to make sure the fast values are being received.
Happy Watt Watching!
*Don’t worry, the ‘data of record’ from a Wattwatchers device is 5-minute time-and-date stamped measurements which currently are stored indefinitely in the cloud, for at least 25 days in the device in the case of communications outages, and are delivered effectively 100% of the time.
Tim McCoy is Wattwatchers’ Program Manager and is fast developing a reputation as our in-house ‘app master/breaker’.