energyOS adds controlled load clout to Wattwatchers energy data hub


Wattwatchers & energyOS

‘The future of energy is dynamic, demand-driven and distributed. It requires brilliantly orchestrated control.’ – So says energyOS, a new Wattwatchers software partner with extensive experience in taking site-level and fleet management of electricity into the fast-evolving residential energy market.

While energyOS is a new face on the ‘new energy’ scene – its website only went live a few days ago – it has deep roots. Formerly HabiDapt, its sophisticated energy services operating system, now known as eOS, was originally developed by Australia’s national science agency the CSIRO.

Over the past several months, the re-branded energyOS has been integrating eOS to ‘work with’ the data-rich monitoring and switching solutions created by Wattwatchers.

By working together to maximise the benefit of the energyOS operating system and the Wattwatchers devices, with their real-time data streaming and switching capabilities, the two companies can offer site-level and system-level energy management solutions simultaneously.

In combination, energyOS and Wattwatchers aim to enable mass-market participation for home and small business consumers in the emerging intelligent electricity grid. Here’s a taste of the services spectrum for energyOS + Wattwatchers:



The shared vision for Wattwatchers and energyOS revolves around the pressing need for a technology-led, Grid 2.0 transformation of the electricity system to:

● Inform and empower energy consumers to participate more effectively in the ‘new energy’ marketplace,
● Integrate and optimise distributed energy resources such as solar and storage, and
● Enable real-time visualisation and precise orchestration of grids to balance supply and demand.


energyOS portfolio services


Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz highlights this new partnership with energyOS as ‘an important strategic collaboration’ for his company:

‘energyOS brings with it deep experience in home energy management, based on more than a decade of research and development and extensive frontline work in the field.


Gavin Dietz, CEO, Wattwatchers


‘Wattwatchers devices and data streams are a powerful technology match for energyOS.

‘In particular, Wattwatchers aligns with energyOS for its Energy Services Infrastructure (ESI) product lines, which uses third-party hardware such as Wattwatchers metering and switching devices, installs them at consumer sites, then supports real-time data visualisation, analytical and switching services including appliance-level monitoring and control.’

energyOS CEO Stephen Kubicki is similarly upbeat about the partnership:

‘Wattwatchers offers a robust and highly flexible suite of energy data monitoring and switching solutions, with real-time connectivity and high-grade accuracy.


Stephen Kubicki, CEO, energyOS


‘Its become the first choice of independent hardware for our Energy Services Infrastructure product lines, including our turnkey energy services.

‘We’ve already used the Wattwatchers hardware in residential programs in Victoria and Western Australia and we’re excited to be collaborating with them on a product line specifically designed for mass markets.’


More about energyOS

energyOS’s software platform, eOS, was originally developed by Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

eOS is an operating system for energy. It is a multi-tasking, multi-user platform that orchestrates data, software and devices.

eOS is the most sophisticated energy services architecture of its kind for portfolios of sites or devices. The energyOS team has been at the forefront of energy services for more than 10 years and includes the computer scientists who originally developed the platform at CSIRO. energyOS has programs in NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, ranging across smart meter services, demand management, load matching, solar PV and battery portfolio management and new technology rollouts.

To learn more about energyOS, visit:

energyOS Media Contact: Stephen Kubicki, Chief Executive Officer, M 0488 772 850 E