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Wattwatchers’ ultra-compact monitoring and control solutions support utility businesses, both energy retailers and network businesses, to manage electricity in real-time through the cloud. We work with utilities and partners servicing utilities in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and South-East Asia.

Established and emerging use cases include: solar monitoring, maintenance & optimisation; home & business energy efficiency; load control & time of use; aggregation for virtual power plants (VPPs) & demand response programs; on-grid transformer monitoring (pole-top mounted & ground-level kiosk).


Energy IoT devices & data

Real-time, highly-granular and readily accessible via our RESTful API

Choice of apps & services

Partner-friendly 'Energy Data Hub' model supports in-house and third-party software solutions

Agile platform for fleets

Harnessing IoT to cost-effectively customise software solutions

Agile, flexible solutions for the 'new energy' era

Our business-to-business’Energy Data Hub’ model is highly flexible, supporting the agility required to operate more effectively in the new operating environment for energy companies, especially managing distributed energy resources (DER).

Wattwatchers works with an ever-expanding range of platform partners, software-as-a-service applications, and communications media across residential, commercial and industrial, as well as utility use cases.

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