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Solar / Distributed Energy

Starting with real-time, highly-granular energy data and over-the-air control, backed by our ADEPT platform for digitising distributed energy, Wattwatchers supports solar enterprises, software-as-a-service partners and energy services companies to optimise their businesses, including for:

-Unified Solar Operations Centres (SOCs)
-Portfolio reporting e.g. sustainability
-Active PV performance monitoring
-Operations & maintenance (O&M)
-Behind-the-meter PPA billing
-User experience/interfaces
-Energy and education
-LGC creation

Emerging use cases include data-driven solutions for battery storage, electric vehicles, virtual power and demand plants (VPDPs), local and peer-to-peer trading, and microgrids. Using built-in Modbus RTU, we talk to and uplink inverters, PLCs, digital weather stations, meters and other hardwares.

Adaptable 6M loves solar

The Wattwatchers Auditor 6M is the highly-flexible workhorse of our device range, and is deployed for solar PV use cases at thousands of homes and also business sites. At most sites the 6M allows grid import/export and solar generation to be monitored by a single device. Options now expand the capabilities of the 6M to remote control via switching (see below), and a multi-purpose ModBus-enabled version (see right).

Now ModBus enabled too

By adding ModBus to the versatile Auditor 6M, Wattwatchers enables integration with other hardware, including the '6M+One' bundle (pictured above) that supports PPA billing and LGC creation, as well as performance monitoring, by adding an NMI pattern-approved meter from a third-party supplier. ModBus drivers are being developed for other hardwares including inverters and small-scale digital weather stations.

Flexible energy intelligence

The Wattwatchers ADEPT platform is a major new service that combines real-time energy data with Internet of Things (IOT) capabilities, offering an agile, multi-purpose technology for managing and optimising distributed energy. Early use cases include solar operations centres, HVAC optimisation and load orchestration. ADEPT is where Grid 2.0 meets Industry 4.0 to fast-track flexible, data-driven solutions cost-effectively.

Your Solar Operations Centre

Wattwatchers helps you to create your own unified Solar Operations Centre, or SOC, a dynamic solutions suite powered by our ADEPT platform for digitising distributed energy.

A SOC is agile and intelligent, with the flexibility to match your day-to-day operations, automate key business processes, manage across different technology types and brands, and rapidly adapt to changes in the marketplace.

Control loads for solar management

The Wattwatchers Auditor 6M+3SW (cellular) or 6W+3SW (WiFi)* provide circuit-level monitoring and control for behind-the-meter loads.

When matched with solar, this provides the tools for optimising onsite consumption of rooftop solar generation, and also managing controllable load circuits such as electric hot water, pool pumps and HVAC. This is a proven, cost-effective solution for distributed energy resources and demand response.

*While cellular is the go-to communications option for most enterprise-grade use cases, Wattwatchers also offers the WiFi-communicating Auditor 6W for monitoring, and the 6W+3SW to add switching (see above). The WiFi option is being selected for a growing number of locally-networked commercial sites, and is often preferred by tech-savvy consumers for their own home use, including solar optimisation.

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