Collaboration targets sustainability and energy for healthcare sector

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SYDNEY, 15 December 2022: With sustainability and energy management commanding ever greater attention from property asset managers everywhere, the hospital and healthcare sector is no exception.

Now this global trend has prompted a new business collaboration between Australian companies Core Connect Group and Wattwatchers Digital Energy, aiming to provide solutions to optimise sustainability performance for healthcare assets.

Core Connect is a healthcare-focused advisory group specialising in health asset optimisation, strategy and facilitation; while Wattwatchers is Australia’s leading digital energy platform with a solution suite spanning devices, software and apps, and data services. 

The partnership will be anchored by Wattwatchers’ Director Net Zero Property, James Clements, who also will be integrated into the Core Connect team to provide clients with a seamless experience.

James Clements is the bridge between Wattwatchers and Core Connect Group.

Clements said the relationship was a ‘win win’ for the parties. ‘It expands Core Connect’s capability to support operators in better managing and optimising assets sustainably, while connecting Wattwatchers into the hospital and healthcare sector.’

With a broad combined capability, the alliance will advise health stakeholders on sustainable procurement decisions and help operators to better manage assets sustainably while optimising asset value.

Drawing on Wattwatchers’ extensive energy management expertise across the built environment space – commercial, industrial and residential – the alliance will guide clients to better understand their energy use, requirements and options.

Healthcare asset sustainability

Pat Wheaton, Core Connect’s Founder and Managing Director, said that with the growing emphasis on sustainability in the healthcare sector, his group was pleased to announce the collaboration with Wattwatchers.

‘Core Connect has observed, and has welcomed, the increasing focus from the health sector on sustainability. We want to extend our leadership in health asset procurement and optimisation by becoming leaders in healthcare asset sustainability,’ said Wheaton. ‘For the hospital and healthcare sector, the energy consumption of assets – both at the facility and infrastructure level, and for high consumption health technology – is one of the critical areas of sustainability and operational cost.

‘By leveraging Core Connect’s asset technology procurement, commissioning and advisory expertise combined with Wattwatcher’s leading energy efficiency technology capability, we will help clients with their sustainability goals such as a better understanding of their current energy use across sites and specific assets, and gaining insights and knowledge to inform decisions relating to energy, and optimising their energy use once assets are installed.’

Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz welcomed the collaboration with Core Connect, saying that the built environment, across all sectors and asset classes, was critical to a sustainable future.

‘Hospitals and related infrastructure, and a variety of healthcare facilities like suburban clinics are no exception,’ said Dietz. ‘They are increasingly exposed to powerful energy trends including renewables, Net Zero and decarbonisation, surging power and gas prices, electrification of transport, and investor expectations for environmental, social and governance performance.’

About Core Connect Group: Core Connect Group brings together experienced healthcare management specialists to help clients solve the tough operational challenges within the Australian healthcare sector. The Core Specialists within the Group possess valuable industry expertise gained during senior roles across a range of healthcare organisations and Core Connect delivers this diverse clinical and operational expertise to achieve client project outcomes. With a strong project delivery record, including working on some of Australia’s largest healthcare projects, Core Connect has emerged as a leading advisor in the field of Major Medical Equipment, Healthcare Technology and Health Assets Optimisation.

About Wattwatchers: Wattwatchers is Australia’s leading digital energy platform, enabling fast, powerful and scalable solutions to monitor, analyse and control electrical circuits in real time – maximising the benefits from renewable energy, green building and carbon and energy management. Our solutions suite spans devices, datasets, analytics, software and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, for energy and non-energy applications across home, community, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases. Our open business model promotes technology collaborations, with dozens of third-party partner integrations with our REST API – in Australia, and internationally. More information at:

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