Clipsal Solar app now works with Wattwatchers data

To celebrate the announcement of this new partnership, Wattwatchers will be inviting up to 500 household participants in its ARENA-supported My Energy Marketplace* project to opt-in to Clipsal Solar’s app free-of-charge for 12 months. We think that’s what a ‘marketplace’ for smart energy solutions is going to look like, as consumer data rights and choice move front of stage.

Partner Announcement: Clipsal Solar & Pulse App (since rebranded as Clipsal Solar Cortex)

When hardware-agnostic Clipsal Solar started talking with software-agnostic Wattwatchers Digital Energy, opportunities for collaboration in Australia and potentially internationally were quickly identified.

Now Clipsal Solar’s ramp up in Australia, the world’s most dynamic market for rooftop solar systems, includes Wattwatchers devices inside its full-service solar solutions to feed real-time, multi-circuit electricity data into its app, the Pulse Analytics Kit.

In parallel, Wattwatchers is welcoming Clipsal Solar as a software partner for its My Energy Marketplace (MEM) initiative – an $8 million-plus project, supported by a $2.7 million grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) – which aims to deploy smart energy management solutions to 5,000-plus homes, small businesses and schools by 2022.

At the heart of the MEM is a highly-innovative ‘app store for energy’ model to provide electricity consumers with a choice of software-based solutions, combined with control and easy portability of their in-depth energy data.

Wattwatchers CEO Gavin Dietz welcomed the opportunity to work closely with Clipsal Solar. ‘It’s hard to think of a better commercial demonstration of the flexibility and scalability of the Wattwatchers digital energy platform,’ said Dietz. ‘Clipsal Solar has integrated smoothly with the Wattwatchers API, pulling real-time, multi-circuit data into its Pulse application.’

Endorsing the robust partnership, Clipsal Solar CEO Tracy Richardson commented, ‘We discovered a strong synergy between Clipsal Solar and Wattwatchers from very early days. Now we’re thrilled to have brought our collaboration to life, and look forward to the many joint opportunities ahead of us.’

About Clipsal Solar

Founded in 2018, Clipsal Solar is a start-up backed by SE Ventures, Schneider Electric’s corporate venture arm, and provides data analytics to rooftop solar owners to make the most of their investment and save on their energy bills. Australia is one of the highest adopters of residential rooftop solar globally: over 20 per cent of Australians now have rooftop solar, and Clipsal Solar is expected to reach 10,000 sites in early 2021. 

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