CEFC announces $2M investment in Wattwatchers

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is investing $2 million in Wattwatchers to help expand production of its award-winning measurement device that helps consumers to better control their energy use and costs. This brings the Wattwatchers Series A capital raising to $4 million, following the April announcement of a $2 million investment by the Renewable Energy Venture Capital fund (REVC).

CEFC CEO Ian Learmonth said that high energy prices and rooftop solar’s high domestic uptake provide the perfect opportunity to work smarter with energy. ‘We’re supporting the development of an innovative electricity market that hands Australian households and businesses the opportunity to get more control over the way that they consume and produce energy,’ Mr Learmonth said.

‘Wattwatchers represents what we expect will be the first wave of innovative behind-the-meter technologies that can provide ongoing savings for householders and businesses, while delivering information that can also improve the security and stability in the supply of energy from the grid.’

See full CEFC media release HERE.