Buy monitoring hardware for Solar Analytics direct from Wattwatchers

Solar rooftop image ex Canva to illustrate Wattwatchers blog post


A near decade-long product partnership between leading Australian energy technology scale-ups Wattwatchers and Solar Analytics is changing, with hardware sales to flow directly through Wattwatchers, or via Supply Partners, from 1 January 2023.

Solar Analytics – a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company providing solar management services for residential, commercial and industrial, and utility use cases – has own-branded Wattwatchers-made hardware since 2014.

From the start of the new year, Wattwatchers-branded hardware will replace the equivalent Solar Analytics models; and this equipment will need to be ordered directly from Sydney-based Wattwatchers or distribution partners (i.e. the Supply Partners group, previously a Solar Analytics hardware distributor).

Context for this change

Under Solar Analytics’ traditional ‘Classic’ business model for energy monitoring hardware, it has assigned its own product names and branding to devices from the widely-deployed Wattwatchers Auditor range, using the generic term ‘Solar Smart Monitor’ with individual device models including SC22, SC23 and KR63.

Recently, however, Solar Analytics has expanded the range of hardwares it integrates with to include, as well as Wattwatchers, a number of well-known solar inverter brands, with more such integrations in the pipeline.

Solar Analytics’ new software-only business model.

Its new approach, which Solar Analytics is calling ‘Integrated Classic’, means that hardware sales for energy monitoring will flow through Wattwatchers, or Supply Partners, while Solar Analytics continues to provide its software solutions and customer support. 

Solar Analytics announcement

Solar Analytics has advised its customers that:

As you would be aware, Solar Analytics has supplied our Classic energy monitoring hardware to the market for many years including the SC22, SC23 and KR63 models. All of our hardware has been designed and manufactured by Australian company Wattwatchers.

We formally advise that from 1st January 2023 Solar Analytics will no longer supply any hardware and instead, it can be directly purchased from Wattwatchers, or Supply Partners, as their wholesale partner. 

This change reflects Solar Analytics increasing focus and success as an integrated software provider, irrespective of which type of device is used to collect data.

Solar Analytics now has an alternative model of software Integration with Fronius, Sungrow, Goodwe and GE Hybrid inverters, an expanding range of Retail meters and of course, Wattwatchers.

Purchasing classic hardware directly from Wattwatchers helps by allowing you to purchase all hardware and accessories directly from the manufacturer or their wholesale partner, and getting streamlined hardware and warranty support.