Solar rooftops in Australia

Why it’s great to sweat the small stuff with our electricity

If you apply the KISS principle – keep it simple, stupid – to our energy future, then rooftop solar is simply amazing, electrification is the strategic inevitability, and electric vehicles will make it all come together even faster than many think! And yes, it’s more than OK to try this at home.

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We’re building it: come on in and build your own too

Traditionally, energy data that accurately breaks down how energy is used in our homes and businesses just hasn’t been readily available to energy innovators. To model concepts, to test ideas, to build solutions around. Wattwatchers is closing the gap for solution developers and researchers.

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Healthcare ripe for smart energy action

Australia’s ever-expanding healthcare services sector is overdue for a clean energy overhaul. Using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and renewables can boost productivity while downsizing carbon footprint.

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Boosting service and responsiveness

Georgia Kastrissios, our new Customer Success Manager, shares some of the ways we’re going all out in FY2022 to boost service and responsiveness to customers and installers.

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