Image to illustrate blog post on customers in the energy system

Customer versus Distributed: what’s in a word?

When Australia’s main energy system institutions are recognising ‘customer energy resources’, it’s time to get at least a little bit optimistic that real transformation is coming within reach for the electricity system.

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image ex Canva tom illustrate blog post on carbon calculations

Calculating carbon footprint for a Wattwatchers device

With action on ‘Net Zero’ surging in Australia and globally, Wattwatchers has been working on better understanding and improving our own carbon footprint, striving for a net positive ‘impact’ on climate change. Here we share our initial assumptions and approach to the carbon equation for our solutions.

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MyTown Microgrid Heyfield project graphic

Microgrid v The Grid: A perspective from the town of Heyfield

The MyTown Microgrid project is a three-year feasibility study to help the Heyfield community in regional Victoria to decide if a microgrid could work for their tiny corner of the vast National Electricity Market (NEM) grid, and to guide other communities exploring similar moves.

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