image ex Canva tom illustrate blog post on carbon calculations

Calculating carbon footprint for a Wattwatchers device

With action on ‘Net Zero’ surging in Australia and globally, Wattwatchers has been working on better understanding and improving our own carbon footprint, striving for a net positive ‘impact’ on climate change. Here we share our initial assumptions and approach to the carbon equation for our solutions.

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MyTown Microgrid Heyfield project graphic

Microgrid v The Grid: A perspective from the town of Heyfield

The MyTown Microgrid project is a three-year feasibility study to help the Heyfield community in regional Victoria to decide if a microgrid could work for their tiny corner of the vast National Electricity Market (NEM) grid, and to guide other communities exploring similar moves.

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MyTown Microgrid Heyfield community liaison officer Emma Birchall with local electrician Brenton Stuart

My town wants a local microgrid: where do we start?

There are many communities around Australia, and the world, harbouring ambitions to improve their energy supply, and even run their own mini electricity systems. Wattwatchers co-leads the MyTown Microgrid project in the historic Victorian timber town of Heyfield, a three-year feasibility study now close to reaching its half-way point.

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‘Flexibility’ for energy has a plain-English meaning too

Do Australia’s electricity industry insiders really want a ‘customer-centric’ future for energy? If they do, they need to fix the language of change as well as the policies and business models. And they need to do it fast, because they’re still struggling to manage the rapid proliferation of rooftop solar… and electric vehicles (EVs) will come on fast!

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Solar rooftops in Australia

Why it’s great to sweat the small stuff with our electricity

If you apply the KISS principle – keep it simple, stupid – to our energy future, then rooftop solar is simply amazing, electrification is the strategic inevitability, and electric vehicles will make it all come together even faster than many think! And yes, it’s more than OK to try this at home.

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Solar reality check

The “Big Wet” in the month of March brought a big reality check to my household, reminding us why having the grid is still a good thing…

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