All-in-one Modbus enabled energy device monitors, switches and integrates with third-party hardware

The Wattwatchers modus operandi of ‘thinking inside the box’ packs extraordinary capability into the Modbus enabled Auditor 6M+MB+2SW, with early opportunities to target solutions for electricity billing, HVAC and other building automation, and control/fleet orchestration of inverters for solar generation and battery storage.



This is the most flexible Wattwatchers device yet.

The Modbus enabled A6M+MB+2SW began commercial life earlier this year as the anchor for our recently-introduced billing solution, the AuditorⓇ 6M+One, which bundles a cellular Wattwatchers device with a third-party NMI pattern-approved meter that is compliant for off-market trade in electricity.

Other high-potential use cases now being pursued by Wattwatchers, through strategic partnerships in Australia and Europe, include integration with:

  • Common utility smart meters, and also submetering solutions

  • Solar, battery and hybrid inverter systems, to ‘read’ and remotely download inverter logs, to provide remote control and tracking of inverter functions, and to enable over-the-air upgrades of inverter software

  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to enable automation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, and other intelligent building services 

Modbus is a generic industrial communications protocol that is used around the world in building management and automation systems. It also is part of the SunSpec Alliance standard*, which provides a specification for communicating with solar power inverters and smart meters. 

The A6M+MB+2SW has the ability to:

  • Monitor two 3-phase electrical loads in real-time, or up to six single-phase loads

  • Interface with a Modbus RTU** port

  • Provide two independent 100ma switched outputs to remotely control 1 or 2 single- or 3-phase loads

  • Send and receive data via the cloud using a 4G cellular uplink, and

  • Allow easy access to data and switching via the Wattwatchers API (open standard, RESTful interface)

In the case of the billing solution, the AuditorⓇ 6M+One, the Modbus RTU capacity has allowed the 4G-communicating Wattwatchers device to be connected to a non-communicating, DIN-mounted, Chinese-made compliant billing meter (CET brand), in both single-phase and 3-phase versions. A6M+One bundles are now being deployed for solar PPA and embedded networks use cases.

Wattwatchers is actively seeking additional strategic partnerships and integrations utilising the ultra-compact, highly-flexible and multi-functional A6M+MB+2SW. Please contact our business development team using the email address 

*SunSpec Modbus is an open standard, referenced in IEEE 154702018, that enables interoperability amongst DER system components. This Modbus based communication protocol conforms to the SunSpec Alliance standard. and

**Modbus RTU is an open, serial (RS-232 or RS-485) protocol derived from the Master/Slave architecture. It is a widely accepted protocol due to its ease of use and reliability. Modbus RTU is used extensively within Building Management Systems (BMS) and Industrial Automation Systems (IAS).