Impact Statement 2022

Wattwatchers technology and data maximises the economic, social and environmental benefits from renewable electricity, sustainable buildings, and energy and carbon management.

CEO Message

Wattwatchers has ambitious aims for sustainability and our business. We enable low, zero and, ideally, net positive impacts for the economy, society and the environment through accelerating the smart and clean transition to a more reliable, renewables-led, affordable energy future. 

This report, our second annual Impact Statement, builds substantially on our inaugural report published in 2021. The reporting period, covering the financial year ending 30 June 2022, has not been plain sailing. The current era features challenging operating conditions: global financial and geopolitical turmoil, with widespread supply chain disruptions, dramatic energy price surges, ongoing pandemic impacts, and international fallout from the war in Ukraine. More positively, it also has brought increasing Australian and global focus on climate action and Net Zero emissions.

Through our longstanding and still evolving focus on sustainability as part of our core business, and further exploration of our alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), over the past year the Wattwatchers team has deepened our understanding of our own pluses and minuses in impact terms. We also better understand the fragility of the human and natural systems in which we operate, and our exposure to them. We don’t just look forward to a Net Zero world well before 2050. We are proactively working to make it a reality. – Gavin Dietz, CEO, Wattwatchers

$5.3 million Series B capital raise from impact investor Kilara Capital
Energy data services launched as part of our core business model
First Employee Handbook released to guide our expanding team
Net Zero
Strong Net Zero focus, with carbon emissions calculated for our solutions using a 5-year operating life and energy saving assumptions
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As a scale-up climate technology company, Wattwatchers is building a sustainably-profitable, growth-oriented international business centred on our digital energy platform, powered by our original hardware, compatible software, and the data we capture, store, analyse and productise.

Solar panels installed on the roof

…beneficial impacts every time we sell a solution for typical uses: energy saving, solar optimisation, measurement and verification, electrical load control, sustainability reporting, and more.

We’ve calculated that each device we sell contributes to approximately six times as many greenhouse gas emissions reductions as it causes.

High resolution carbon accounting for grid imports

…innovation opportunities that shift electricity grids towards digitally-enabled models that are clean, fair and affordable, and reliably distributed.

We’ve laid the product roadmap foundations for next generation devices and data-driven solutions that will carry our business into its third decade.

Image from Canva for Wattwatchers blog post on energy efficiency increasing real estate values

…data to empower electricity consumers—households, enterprises and communities—while also supporting the energy companies, markets and systems that serve them.

We’ve launched ‘energy data as a service,’ alongside hardware sales and subscriptions, supporting energy sector research and commercial innovation.

Creating positive climate impact

Wattwatchers is a solid climate performer, mitigating an average of 2.3 kg CO2-e for every dollar of revenue. Estimated 6 times* emissions saved versus emissions caused.


Net Positive: 860 kg CO2-e*

(Negative: 140 kg CO2-e)

A6MZ Net Zero Auditor
Pie chart showing Auditor emissions

* KEY ASSUMPTIONS: Total 1000kg emissions saved over 5-year operating life for an Auditor 6M energy IoT device by helping to optimise energy management across multiple use cases.

Wattwatchers supports the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 Decade of Action and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which recognise the interconnectedness of prosperous business, a thriving society and a healthy environment. 

We’ve mapped our activities against the 17 individual SDGs, finding strongest alignment with seven of them (No. 8 has been added since 2021).

Affordable and clean energy
Reached over 60,000 Energy IoT devices in the field since our first commercial products were released in 2014, with over 14,000 added in FY 2022. Further developed our highly-flexible solution designs, enabling multiple use cases for energy efficiency, solar performance, measurement and verification, sustainability reporting, predictive analytics and more. Made targeted contributions to clean energy transition regulation, policy and program development in Australia, with a focus on our core expertise around energy data.
Decent work & economic growth
Grew our team to 15, nearly doubling since the Covid pandemic began, with the business organised successfully around work-from-home and online collaboration. Established a team energy management group enabled by Wattwatchers devices, data and our software tools. Published a comprehensive new Wattwatchers Employee Handbook published and updated to V1.4. Successfully initiated gender transition in the workplace arrangements in support of a senior team member.
Industry, innovation & infrastructure
Expanded our 3.5-year, $9 million-plus My Energy Marketplace (MEM) project* to over 2200 household sites, creating a major new shareable energy dataset (5000 sites targeted by end of this project in mid-2023). Launched Energy Data as a Service offering based on the MEM dataset and available for research, app/solution development and commercial projects.
Sustainable cities & communities
Co-led a 3-year, $2.1 million feasibility study for a local microgrid or other community energy solution in the Victorian regional town of Heyfield (ends mid-2023). Embedded ourselves as a technology partner or supplier for an expanding list of community-based energy projects in NSW and Victoria.
Responsible consumption & production
Developed our product roadmap for design, sequencing and delivery of next generation hardware and firmware over three years 2022–2024. Updated lab-testing and certifications to Australian and international standards.
Climate action
Developed and published carbon footprint calculations for Wattwatchers devices, conservatively crediting each device with 1 tonne of CO2-e emission reductions over an assumed 5-year operating life. Used our MEM dataset to support innovative in-house proof of concept work for high resolution (hourly vs. annualised) carbon accounting. Liaised with cloud hosting supplier Amazon Web Services (AWS) to quantify carbon emissions related to our data.
Partnerships for the goals
Welcomed leading Melbourne-based impact investor Kilara Capital as the lead in our successful $5.3 million Series B capital raise, with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) following on from its Series A investment. Implemented quarterly and annual impact reporting to Kilara. Continued delivery of major government grant projects with multiple partners, and submitted applications for further grants for net zero and clean energy projects with multiple partners. Used the CarbonView platform from longstanding software partner Simble Group to quantify our operational carbon footprint (about 39 tonnes for FY 2022).

Full Statement

The full 2022 Impact Statement is available for download as a PDF. We’re constantly working to improve our reporting and methodology, so please let us know if you have any questions, or if there’s anything you think can be improved.