Our Story

All of us at Wattwatchers are driven by a common cause. It’s how to do our bit to reduce harmful and wasteful energy consumption on our planet.

We know we can help with this. We’re all striving to achieve it in our own lives as well as through our work.

Chris Bean, the Founder of Wattwatchers, mobilised a small and dedicated team over a decade ago to solve daily energy challenges.

How do you do this? First you need to know what energy is being used at a site—whether it be a home, an apartment, an office, a factory, a school. Then, once informed by real data, you can adjust your behaviours, and influence others to optimise energy use.

The big question that Wattwatchers began with was: Where do you get the data for that?

The founding team created an ultra-compact, super-smart device which they called the Auditor. It monitors multiple circuits at the same time, communicates via the mobile network to the internet, and delivers a wealth of actionable energy data in real-time.

The team has since grown to include some of the best energy and technology people in Australia. We’ve joined together to develop a state-of-the-art stack of technologies that can capture, extract, distribute and act on energy data for many use cases in the home, businesses and beyond.

We started with a device. But now Wattwatchers is a digital energy platform.

Today, we have a great business enabling energy solutions. It is evolving, scaling and going global. This is great for us as a team, and great for the planet too.

We love what we’re doing. We believe we are making a difference. We’re signed up for a brighter, better energy future.

The Wattwatchers Team

Our technology story begins, literally in a garden shed lab
Hardware prototypes go into field trials
Our devices are tested by third-party software vendors
Community pilots incorporating our devices commence
Our first commercially available products are launched
Winner of the Australian Technologies Competition ‘New Energy’ award
$4M Series A capital raise completed
Control features added to our product line
Wattwatchers awarded $2.7M grant by ARENA for the My Energy Marketplace project
Mercury, our third-generation cloud API, launched
$5.3M Series B capital raise completed

Our Impact

By accelerating the transition to a smarter, cleaner, and fairer energy future, Wattwatchers has a positive impact on the economy, society and the environment.

Our technology, data analytics and insights, and our broader business activities all contribute to this goal.

Our Team

We’re a small, dynamic team punching above our weight. Our attitude is to get in and get it done. We’re passionate about data-driven solutions for a brighter energy future. Collaboration is embedded in our ethos—with one another, and with our customers and business partners. We run lean and agile, using technology to streamline our operations and minimise our environmental footprint.

Adriaan Stellingwerff

Senior Developer—Mobile

I'm in... software turns great energy data into smart solutions.

Profile picture of Grace Young, Chief Innovation Officer at Wattwatchers

Grace Young

Chief Innovation Officer

I love being part of a team where my 'day-to-day' work is helping transform the energy sector to a smarter, cleaner and fairer future.

Cam Garner

Principal Firmware Engineer

Elegance is achieved when complexity is solved.

Jon Keeble

Chief Technology Officer

Energy data and control on the net. For public and private good. For everybody. That’s the plan.

Image showing Wattwatchers Installation Success Engineer, Haubert Yauwenas

Haubert Yauwenas

Installation Success Engineer

Empowering people through education, informed by accessible energy data is just one example of how we can fulfil our duty of looking after our world.

Maddii Crowe

Sales Administrator

The energy monitoring sector is one step closer to a bright and sustainable future.

Gavin Dietz

Chief Executive Officer

What motivates me most? My dream is that data and technology finally put consumers in control of their energy. We’re making it happen.

Georgia Kastrissios

Customer Success Manager

I <3 supporting our customers, who are challenging the old ways of doing energy.

Sacha Ventura

Senior Software Engineer

At Wattwatchers, my professional expertise and my passion for living a more sustainable lifestyle get a chance to combine.

Cristina Rennie

Support Engineer

I strive to make sure our customers are able to travel on their road to sustainability without a hitch.

Philip Keogan

Chief Commercial Officer

The transition to a fully renewable and sustainable energy future makes great commercial sense too!

Michael Coffey

Michael Coffey

Chief Financial Officer

I like the numbers.

Murray Hogarth

Head of Impact & Communications

Excuse the puns, but working in the new energy space is the most energising and empowering thing I’ve ever done. I’m a techno-optimist now!

Tim McCoy

DER Programs Manager

I want to simplify energy so people can live fantastic sustainable lives.

Our Board

A balance of energy, guidance and global experience, our Board offers an equally progressive and pragmatic vision for Wattwatchers, and the future of energy.

Justine Jarvinen

Board Member (Chairperson)

Mark Gill

Board Member

Dougal McOmish

Board Member

Blair Pritchard

Board Member

Gavin Dietz

Chief Executive Officer

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Wattwatchers operates as a 100% virtual team, with co-working facilities in Sydney and Brisbane. We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which these facilities are situated, the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation, and the Turrbal People.


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