3G–4G upgrade

With the shutdown of the 3G network in Australia now well underway, relevant telco carrier services are already deteriorating. This means that your current 3G Solar Analytics energy monitoring device will no longer work as early as Dec 2023 for some networks.

We’re here to help make the transition to a Wattwatchers 4G-ready Auditor 6M meter as smooth as possible.


Offer available until Friday, December 15th 2023. 


We’ll keep your Solar Analytics app running smoothly, so you can be sure your solar is working as it should.

Did you know that Wattwatchers manufactures all of Solar Analytics’ meters? That’s right, your new device will be identical to your old one, except it has a 4G-modem to keep you connected to the mobile network.

Your new 4G device is only $199, including GST and shipping (KR-63 devices only). We’ll ship your device with comprehensive instructions for your choice of qualified electrician to install.

You can also get an optional high-gain antenna for $77 incl. GST to boost connectivity in your area. It comes with a cable so you can fit it to the outside of your switchboard/meter box.

This offer is only available until Friday, December 15, the same day that Vodafone is turning off its 3G service followed by Telstra next June and then Optus next September. 

Thank you for choosing Wattwatchers! We’re excited to power you and the Solar Analytics app for many years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you currently experience poor or patchy mobile signal around your site, you may benefit from a high gain antenna. Otherwise, it’s not necessary.

Wattwatchers devices can only be installed by a qualified and licensed electrician.

Wattwatchers is not involved in the physical installation process and you will need to contract your own electrician. The cost of installation will vary depending on your choice of installer and the specifics of your installation and switchboard.

We have put together a installation guide to assist installers to determine what’s involved, which they can use to put together a quote for you.

Each network has published different plans and dates related to their network shutdown. At the time of writing, the following dates apply:

As a fellow solar power user, we know you’ll dispose of your old 3G Solar Analytics device responsibly, like dropping it off at your nearest E-Waste collection spot.

This offer is currently limited to Solar Analytics devices only. Please contact our sales team if you require replacement of other Wattwatchers devices.

Your installer will receive detailed instructions on how to change over the device, which includes an online process to automatically set up your replacement device in the Solar Analytics systems.

Please contact Solar Analytics support if you have any further queries or experience any issues. 

Solar Analytics remains your primary point of contact for your Solar Analytics app and services.

If you are installing a new Wattwatchers device as part of the 3G to 4G enabled roll out, you will find the instructions in a PDF form on our service page.

Order yours today

You can order your replacement unit today, with or without a high-gain antenna, in our shop: 3G to 4G pack.

Dispose of thoughtfully...

As a fellow solar power user, we know you’ll dispose of your old 3G Solar Analytics device responsibly, like dropping it off at your nearest E-Waste collection spot.