3G-only devices will be turned off from 31 March 2024

Stock image from Canva for blog podt pn 3G-4G shutdown

After 20 years since 3G cellular networks first launched in Australia, in 2003, this outdated service is now being phased out by all carriers and will be shutdown completely by September 2024. Declining performance is already apparent for 3G-only devices in the Wattwatchers fleet, meaning that ‘support’ for these devices will end in a weeks’ time, on 31 January, and all remaining 3G-only devices will be turned off from 31 March.


For over a year now Wattwatchers has provided alerts and updates on the phase-out of the 3G cellular service in Australia.

This process is now well underway, with Vodafone completely shutting down its 3G network in December 2023, Telstra to follow in June 2024, and them Optus in September 2024.

With a relatively small number of 3G-only devices still in the field, Wattwatchers has been experiencing worsening impacts from rapid deterioration of the residual 3G service as the phase-out progresses.

As a result, we announced last October that we would cease to provide our Support service for 3G-only devices as of 31 January, 2024.

We are now announcing that all 3G-only devices remaining in our fleet will be turned off as of 31 March, 2024.

We urge you to talk with our team if you are likely to be impacted by this, or if you are unsure if your devices will be affected.

Most 3G-only devices have already been replaced with 4G equivalents, but if customers do have 3G-only devices still operating your main options are:

  1. Order 4G replacements from Wattwatchers and have your electrician replace the 3G-only ones, ideally before 31 March to ensure data continuity.
  2. Take no action and your energy data service from affected devices will cease from 31 March.

As always, we are here to support you in any way we can.