Wattwatchers is Australia’s leading technology platform helping households and businesses to be energy efficient, maximise renewables, achieve net zero, and electrify.

Who's using our technology?

Wattwatchers energy data products and services solve a wide variety of challenges for homes, businesses, industry and trade customers. Ways in which Wattwatchers helps include:

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Does your business need greater visibility and control of the energy performance of your assets?

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Installers & Electrical Contractors

Do you want to provide greater value to your customers bundled with the delivery of solar and other energy-related products?

Householders & Community

Are you a home owner or community group looking to better understand your energy usage to reduce costs and emissions?

There are many other ways that our customers use Wattwatchers technology

How does it work?

Our Impact

By accelerating the transition to a smarter, cleaner, and fairer energy future, Wattwatchers has a positive impact on the economy, society and the environment.

Our technology, data analytics and insights, and our broader business activities all contribute to this goal.

Dispatches from the new energy frontier

Insights into the latest energy trends, and how our technology is supporting the new energy future, presented by our team.

Wattwatchers has created MyEnergy Marketplace, a unique ‘living’ resource with real-time and historical/trend data from over 5,000 sites across Australia. This new ‘e-infrastructure’ for electrification and the clean energy transition in Australia is built on highly-granular, continuously updating, near real-time data from household, strata property, small business, community facility and school electricity customers.

Net Zero decarbonisation, sustainability rankings, renewables, demand management and electrification all make digitalisation key to tracking electricity. The new Wattwatchers MyEnergy Plus Sustainability Dashboard streamlines Green Star reporting and building code compliance. Net Zero Property Director James Clements and our Sales team are demonstrating the new tool at major property sector events this spring.

MyEnergy Flow, the latest major update for Wattwatchers’ mobile app, is a new way of interacting with the energy flowing through your home. Imagine having a ‘conversation’ with your energy data. A kind of messaging app where you receive and respond to notifications, like you do in Facebook or LinkedIn, but for energy.

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