Wattwatchers is Australia's leading technology platform helping households and businesses to be energy efficient and maximise renewable energy.

Who's using our technology?

Wattwatchers energy data products and services solve a wide variety of challenges for homes, businesses, industry and trade customers. Ways in which Wattwatchers helps include:

Man wearing hard hat and holding a tablet computer inspecting equipment

Does your business need greater visibility and control of the energy performance of your assets?

Tradesperson carrying a solar panel out of a van

Installers & Electrical Contractors

Do you want to provide greater value to your customers bundled with the delivery of solar and other energy-related products?

Householders & Community

Are you a home owner or community group looking to better understand your energy usage to reduce costs and emissions?

There are many other ways that our customers use Wattwatchers technology

How does it work?

Our Impact

By accelerating the transition to a smarter, cleaner, and fairer energy future, Wattwatchers has a positive impact on the economy, society and the environment.

Our technology, data analytics and insights, and our broader business activities all contribute to this goal.

Dispatches from the new energy frontier

Insights into the latest energy trends, and how our technology is supporting the new energy future, presented by our team.

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are crucial to a truly smart energy future. ADEPT, delivered by Wattwatchers with partner Rayven IoT, has been selected as a finalist in the Energy category of the annual awards run by IoT Alliance Australia.

Do Australia’s electricity industry insiders really want a ‘customer-centric’ future for energy? If they do, they need to fix the language of change as well as the policies and business models. And fast, because they’re still struggling to manage the rapid proliferation of rooftop solar… and electric vehicles (EVs) will come on fast!

Homes and businesses now have unprecedented opportunities for generating, storing and optimising their electricity. But are legacy industry players and many policymakers still looking in the rear vision mirror for solutions?

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